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What is a Clicker counter?

The basic idea behind this Click counter is to measure the clicks in a particular time interval. That means if you select the time for 30 sec, it will set the timer for 30 sec. As the timer starts, you also have to start clicking on the mouse pad. As the timer ends, it will give you the result, which will show you how many times you have to click the Mouse.

And according to that result, you can examine the speed of the click. And from that, you can decide your strategy to enhance the speed. If you increase your cps speed with the cps tester tool, you can easily win games.

In short, Online Counter (or Clicker Counter) lets you calculate the figure of the mouse click, exercise repetitions, or other things.

In the present world, everything is digitalized. Every single action can be done online. Let's talk about games, and We have seen a revolution in the field of games. It used to be only outdoor games, but as technology developed, We got acquainted with the internet. And then Video games took the place of outdoor fun. And today's generation is too addicted to online games. Also, over the years, these online games have become the industry. Now many pupils worldwide have chosen this industry as their career option, so from this you can predict how powerful this industry is?

As many youngsters turn toward gaming, more companies worldwide are launching new games, and with every new application, different types of skills are also required.

Many skills require for any newbie as a gamer. In many games, you need to use a mousepad to play that game. As many people enter the industry, The competition rises automatically.

There are many online tools and sites available which help you skill up yourself with their tools.

We have made this tool or side just for the newbie or expert like you to enhance your skill.

What is a Clicker counter Used for?

Clicker Counter, also known as a button counter, is a tool produced by our company using which you can calculate the number of ticks you perform from your Mouse, mobile, or any other device.

We sketch this CPS counter maintaining simplicity and ease of use in mind. It is simply accessible to everyone who needs to count anything. It works well for anything and all.

How to use the clicker counter?

The dashboard of the site is straightforward to access and user-friendly.

As you enter the site, you will see three boxes, which include Score, Timer, and clicks. The only thing you need to note here is that you don't have set the timer to perform this click counter test. To do so, you have to start clicking as you enter the site.

Once you do that, it will record your every click, and when you stop your clicks after 0.5 seconds, it will show you the result according to your performance. If you want to test yourself with a timer, then you can set that as well. We have given much preset time starting from 1 sec to 120 seconds. Also, you can select your timer manually.

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How to Click Faster and enhance Clicks Per Second result?

Fast clicking is essential in various games, and sometimes it can be the crucial point to become the victor.

That is why, so often, we see gamers ask this problem, how to click faster? Using unusual clicking methods such as Jitter clicking, kohi clicking, drag clicking, and butterfly clicking, you can tap quicker and score more clicks per second, providing an added improvement over opponents; an exceptional feature about the cps tester is that we haven't included a timer here. So the result will be given based on your clicks. In short, when you access our site and want to play this game, you don't need to set a timer; you have to start clicking your Mouse.

CPS Test Features:

  • Preserves time: It preserves your time, which you can use without any difficulty.
  • Gives Accurate Clicks: It's beneficial for you to determine your quantity of clicks and reveal your exact clicks as well as you'll click on the counter. It saves your every count very securely. Moreover, it protects your calculation until you reset it.
  • Browser Adaptability: An added characteristic is that the website cooperates with any browser like Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • No Lagging: Our website gives its function accurately without any lagging or hanging. You can increase your clicking speed without any concern.
  • Mobile-Friendly: An exciting extension is that it is mobile-friendly, the mobile users can quickly access the CPS Counter from a similar web version.

How to Improve Clicks Per Second for Mouse?

The quantity of ticks per second counter is necessary for members who have regularly wanted to display a pro at the game of their desires and who have converted unbeatable looks severely.

So when it appears to increase clicks per second, you require to practice earnestly and regularly. At our site, you can exercise every day and grace a pro by mouse pad clicking. We are assured that if you prepare for just 10 minutes per day, it will deliver you a pro at the game of your purposes. So, Begin testing on CPC Test.

How many CPS or Click Per Second Tests are considered to be fast?

Cps Test provides you with returns based on some click speed evaluation factors. To get the most durable cps rate for the click speed test, you require to click as fast as possible to get the results you want. So if you're going to jump displaying the polar bear's speed, you have to choose 5 clicks per second.

  • Step 1: Firstly, begin performing the game and kick the ' Tick button given in the above box.
  • Step 2: Once you tick the button, click your Mouse as speedily as feasible, within a specified time frame. The timer above the peephole shows the elapsed time.
  • Step 3: Once you stop your click, the outcome of the player will show. The result is given with the CPS Rate.

It's just the repetition of clicks per rate of time. While the competition has an inbuilt timeframe of 5 seconds, members can turn to other time choices from the sidebar menu of the side. This suggests that you increase the recurrence of clicks, which enhances your result cps record.

Go in the front and experience the games, complete perfection and become the click speed test master.

What is the world record of the Click counter test?

Although the click counter test is a fantastic play conducted on many websites, some determined gamers race as the most energetic mouse clicker, it might come as a shock, but there is a world record holder for the fastest mouse clicker. maintains a record of the world record holders. According to its information Mr. Dylan Allred from Las Vegas, United States, is the one that succeeded his Mouse a whole of 1,051 times in 10 seconds.

CPS test is not the game only because they are not just gamers but are practicing CPS test to help their mind during they resemble stressed. In simple words, the cps tester is the Click test for Mouse. It's all about counting mouse clicks over some time. The most proper time for a rate test is 60 seconds for Click Speed Test. It measures your most suitable mouse click speed test, how quickly you can click your Mouse, and our site gives you a number depending on your choice over time.

Clicker Counter Ranking:

  • Panda Ranking: If your clicks are between 1 to 4, then your rank is Panda. The result will be given within 0.5 seconds as you stop.
  • Polar bear ranking: If your clicks are in between 5 to6 then your rank is Polar bear.
  • Dog Ranking: If your clicks are between 6 to 9, your rank is Dog Ranking.
  • Blackbuck Ranking: If your clicks are in between 10 to13, then your rank is Blackbuck Ranking.
  • Horse Ranking: If your clicks are 14 and above, then your rank is Horse Ranking.


This test belongs to click, which helps you to perform better in the games. I hope it will help you to become a pro at the games of your aim. The most simple formula to become faster in the games is to practice well for at least 10 minutes a day. Because there is a simple rule, you need to polish it every day if you have a skill.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

CPS stands for click test per second, and it is the best way to examine and measure your clicks in a particular time limit. You can measure the clicks of the mouse, and more. Many online platforms like websites, software, and tools let you conduct this test.
The world record for most clicks in 1 min (60 seconds) is almost 9.6 CPS, nearly 576 clicks per minute. Also, it is quite challenging to acquire this level of speed in mouse clicking. However, it is achievable with dedication, passion, concentration, and consistency.
The average score of CPS can be between 7 to 9. To get your best score, you have to practice proper techniques regularly. You can even use the CPS games to become a pro gamer to enhance your skill.
As per the report, someone has created the world record by clicking 16 cps in 1 second. To acquire this score, one has to practice his skill properly.
The average clicks in 10 seconds can go up to 8 to 10. And which is quite considerable as a beginner if you are on the way to becoming pro level. The only rule is to practice and play regularly with techniques and tactics.
There is no shortcut to scoring higher in CPS, and it only takes enough practice with the right posture and techniques. Also, you cannot ignore some technical stuff like mouse conflict, internet trouble, and more. So, before taking the test, make sure you are sorted with the system.
12 cps is quite fast because usually, people somehow manage to click 8 to 10 times which is considered an average speed. And if you are managing to click 12 cps as a novice player, it's a good thing.